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Nordnet’s securities brokerage manager on why he invested in Klever – “Everyone of us pays invoices and would thus be a potential customer for Klever”

Mathias Soini

Mathias Soini

Nuutti Hartikainen is the head of securities brokerage at Nordnet. He is responsible for both brokerage and traditional sales but also acts as a sales contact person in the direction of the companies.

Nuutti is a pioneer in the digitalisation of the financial sector, twenty years ago, he joined the online trading company eQ as its first broker, pioneering the industry by releasing online stock trading.

We put together a few questions about Fintechs overall, and Klever as an investment for the technology- and investment professional to answer.

What makes Fintechs interesting investments right now, Nuutti Hartikainen?

“Technology and finance are huge businesses in size. However, Fintech companies, combining these industries are still in their infancy and wait for their home run,” he says.

“There is a lot going on at the moment, as startups are shaping the payment and investment industry into a new direction, resolving issues in the latest, unprecedented ways. There was a similar transformation 20 years ago when we revolutionized online stock trading with eQ Online. ”

“Traditional market players are in the position of losers unless they evolve along the way. Fintech startups have gathered existing ideas from traditional industries, into new concepts with better usability. They also eliminate manual intermediate steps, by automation and thus facilitate everyday users’ lives. If they even partially succeed in what they plan to do, growth and value creation opportunities are great”, Nuutti says.

What makes Klever an interesting investment?

“Klever strives to solve the everlasting issue of invoices, in which bills in different forms are sent in various channels, to be left unpaid. Most of us have experienced a paper invoice being buried under some leaflets or an invoice being lost and forgotten in the email inbox. Klever’s service compiles invoices arriving from different delivery methods in one place, making the management of the overall picture is easier”, Nuutti assesses.

“The amount of cash is decreasing all the time. In Klever’s service, invoices can also be paid using other payment methods, like a credit card or bill financing. The business idea is to be paid fees for invoices being paid using optional payment methods, as well as invoice financing. Both of them are growing businesses “, Nuutti explains.

How does then Klever stand out from other startups?

“Usually Uber and Airbnb are used as examples in the startup world. Both are widely used services, but neither of them is needed for most of us. Virtually, every one of us pays invoices and would, therefore, be potential customers also for Klever. Although the margins of paid invoices and invoice financing are small, the volumes are growing steadily “, Nuutti adds.

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