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How do I add a paper bill?

Take a picture of the entire invoice using your smartphone camera. Klever identifies the invoice information and lets you the user pay the bill immediately.

Which invoices can be paid in parts?
In Klever, users can pay 200-2000 euro invoices in smaller instalments. Please note that users can only pay one invoice in parts at a time and that the payment plan cannot be made for overdue invoices.
How can I pay an invoice in smaller parts?
If you want to pay an invoice in smaller parts, open the invoice in the Klever application and select “Accept”. An arrow will appear above the swipe to confirm -bar, where the menu for different payment methods is found. Select “Pay in instalments” from the menu.

Then select a payment plan suitable for your needs and accept the agreement. You will receive a separate bill for your first monthly instalment.
What are part payments?
Part payments mean splitting a larger invoice into smaller, monthly installments. Users can make a payment plan for their invoices in Klever, together with our partner Lowell.

When a payment plan is made, the invoicer receives the payment on time in full, but you pay it in part payments to Lowell in accordance to the agreement.
How do I add an e-mail bill?

The easiest way to add an e-mail invoice to Klever is to forward the e-mail bill to your personal Klever address. Your personal Klever address is found in the “Account” -page of the application.

The invoice should be in a PDF-format.

Why is the bill not transferred to the “paid” tab after the bill was confirmed?
This is due to that it takes a few bank days before the money is transferred to the receiver. After the money is transferred, the bill will automatically appear in the “paid” tab.
Why was the payment not confirmed?
Please check that you have sufficient balance on your bank account and that you do not have a block for internet purchases. You can change the settings in your internet bank.
I took a photo of the bill, but all the information was not captured automatically. What did I do wrong?

The app might have trouble reading the image be due to bad lighting or a dirty camera lens.

Avoid photographing the invoice straight from a computer screen, since it often results in reduced image quality. Also, avoid adding screenshots of invoices to the app.

Finally, make sure that all the information fits in the picture; IBAN-number, reference number, total and due date.

What does "Mark as paid” mean?

By marking a bill as paid in the app, the bill will not be paid by Klever. "Mark as paid" can be used when the bill has been paid otherwise than by Klever, but the user wants to save it together with other paid bills in the app.

Unsubscribing from Klever

Klever’s purpose is to make your everyday life easier and we are constantly working to achieve the best possible user experience. However, if you are not satisfied with Klever and want to go back to your old ways of paying bills, you can unsubscribe from Klever by sending a feedback to us through the app.

How do I manage the notifications that Klever sends to me?

The notifications that Klever sends you can be managed in your phone’s settings. Go to “Settings”, choose “Klever”, and change the settings for the notifications.

How do I change my password?

The password or PIN code can be changed in the Klever application. Go to “Settings” and press the “Log Out” button. The next time you log in to the application, you can change your password or PIN code.

I have a credit/debit card. Which card number should I use?
If you have a Credit/Debit combination card, please check that you register the correct card information in the app.

The credit card details are found on the front side of your card. The debit card details are found on the back side of your card, in the lower left corner. Fill in the card from which you wish your bills to be paid.

How do I change the due date of a bill?

In Klever you can easily change the due date of a bill. Click on the bill whose due date you want to change. The bill appears in a new navigation, where you can change the due date from the “Edit” section.