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How does Klever work?

Users register to Klever using bank codes. They log in using the fingerprint authentication or a personal PIN code.

When an invoice is transferred to Klever, the app identifies the invoicer's data. After confirming the invoice for payment, the user may choose to send an automatic change of address request to the invoicer.

If the invoicer can change the invoicing address, they will send future invoices directly to the app. Klever notifies the user when a new invoice is received.

All Klever users get a Klever invoicing address, which they can communicate to all the companies they want to receive invoices from directly to the app.

How do I start using Klever

Klever is available for iOS and Andrdoi devices, you can find Klever on the App Store here or on Google Play Store here. 

New users

When you have finished downloading the update, you will be asked to fill in your phone number. Afterwards, you will be asked to type in a 4-digit number sent to you by SMS. Lastly, you will be asked if you already are a registered user. Answer "NO" if you are a new user. Now you are ready to use app!

Existing users

If you are an existing user answer "YES" to the question if you are already a user (after updating Klever). Sign in using your email address or Facebook account.
Is it possible to pay bills to private individuals?
Unfortunately it is not possible at this stage. We are continuously working on the app and there are more features to come.
Which banks does Klever support?
All Finnish banks cards work in the app, also VISA and Mastercard that are issued in Finland.
Is it safe to use Klever?

As long as you keep your login credentials safe, Klever is as secure as your mobile bank. Your card information is protected by our PCI-certified partner Solinor. The card information is not stored anywhere outside Solinor’s software. The connection between Klever and Solinor’s software is encrypted with high-quality SSL certification. The software runs on Microsoft’s Azure platform.