PostNord Strålfors, the largest invoice distributor in the Nordics, starts cooperation with Klever

Jeanette Samuelsson

Jeanette Samuelsson

The m-invoice, launched by fintech-startup Klever, is based on an application developed by the company that allows consumers to receive invoices directly to their smartphones. Now, Klever has signed a partnership agreement with the largest invoice distributor in the Nordics, PostNord Strålfors. This fall, the company will introduce the mobile invoice, ie. m-invoice, as one of their invoicing channels on the Finnish market. PostNord Strålfors distributes hundreds of millions of bills per year in the Nordic countries.

– The m-invoice has many benefits. For the invoicer, it is a cheaper option compared to paper bills and e-invoices. The consumer also benefits from an easier way to pay bills. For example, the application notifies the user of emerging due dates, and the consumer does not have to use bank codes to confirm payments – fingerprint authentication is enough, says Jussi Muurikainen, Head of PR & Communication at Klever.

Klever fills a gap in the market

The invoice distributor companies have been dissatisfied with the existing invoicing channels for a long time. In addition to expensive prices, many of the channels are inefficient – less than half of invoices delivered by e-mail are paid on time, for example.

– We were immediately interested in the Klever application because it is genuinely born out of the needs of consumers. Our customer companies have also shown great interest in the m-invoice. Our own omnichannel solution is the most comprehensive of the Nordic countries, and therefore we must have all the best partners in the area, says Sami Niininen Head of Digital Services at PostNord Strålfors Oy.

The m-invoice replaces old channels

Up to two-thirds of the invoices sent in Finland are still paper bills, so the m-invoice is an environmentally friendly option as well. Both Klever and PostNord Strålfors are aiming for a rapid growth of the m-invoice and a 10 per cent share of PostNord Strålfors’s invoices sent in Finland.

– There is plenty of room for improvement in the current market situation. Consumers are confused when bills arrive through multiple different channels. That’s why we made sure Klever’s application can receive both e-invoices and email invoices, and handle paper bills too, says Muurikainen.

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Jussi Muurikainen, Head of PR & Communication, Klever / +358 50 567 3100

Sami Niininen, Head of Digital Services, PostNord Strålfors Oy / +358 40 503 4994

Klever is a financial technology startup company that has developed a mobile application to receive and pay bills. The company, which was founded in 2016, has raised EUR 3 million in funding from investors and received an EUR 0.5 million loan from Tekes.

PostNord Strålfors is part of the PostNord Group, which is the leading provider of communications and logistics solutions in the Nordics. PostNord Strålfors has a total of 750 employees in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland and its turnover was SEK 2.1 billion in 2017. More information about PostNord Strålfors.